DAY 17Today I wore this shirt with a little me inside it, because why not ehe ehe
DAY 16Today I wore a shirt. With nothing on top. I feel nekkid.
DAY 15Today I wore my ever so trusty summer-proof brown jacket. srsly, it’s comfy guys. Today’s generally a really lazy sleep day.
Today I wore clothes meant for a perfect day to draw. boxers and anything else.
Today (yesterday?) I wore clothes that were supposed to be humid-proof. I was wrong. Why must you rain, rain?
DAY 12Today I wore my apparently-not-summer-proof jacket. It rained. It got humid. It sucked.
DAY 11
Today I wore this ULTRA FABALAS FIGHTING COCK SHIRT. Fathom the ferocity of the thunderbird fowl.
DAY 10
Today I wore my trusty red flannel above this raggedy black v-neck, and a very, very sleepless face. a face even coffee couldnt fix
Today I wore my back-to-work-time-to-be-awesome again clothes.
Today I wore my totally next-level house clothes, with my boxers making an appearance once again. it was a good weekend. Oh, lets not forget the totally fail internet, which cannot even load “mobile” quality twitch.